Dear Researchers and Chambers of Commerce Representatives,

Why talk about chambers of commerce when everything has already been described? Why seek new models and ideas? What new can be found in institutions that have been with us since the 19th century and, in a sense, even longer? Why waste time analysing possible changes?

Whenever we ask about the possible reconstruction of chambers in selected countries, we face the abovementioned doubts. In the opinion of political circles, the belief that existing solutions cannot or should not be changed is often dominant. Often, they are interested in something other than the existence of effective and efficient business organisations. On the other hand, entrepreneurs rarely believe in the possibility of gaining real influence on political decisions. Finally, the business environment ecosystem in many countries is an ecosystem that is very often in crisis, weak, bureaucratic, or incapable of presenting any coherent plan of constructive changes. However, the world in many dimensions is changing faster and faster.

The complexity of today’s and future economic processes requires, without doubt, knowledge, compelling dialogue, profound decentralisation, space for bottom-up initiatives, and a fair balance between enterprises of different sizes. Without these processes, the economy will sink into increasing stagnation and chaos (already visible worldwide), from which only a narrow group of the largest corporations (even nations) will benefit. We have been observing these processes worldwide since at least the 1980s. And they are constantly accelerating. The world is becoming less and less safe and predictable.

Therefore, we aim to find new theoretical models and practical solutions to better support business and the economy in the dynamic and turbulent 21st century. At the same time, we want to extend our multidisciplinary (law, economy, sociology, political science, etc.) research network to the international level to establish a unique team of researchers who investigate the critical issues of institutions and organisations in the business environment.

The field of research is outlined broadly because this is the nature of the challenges we face. Processes and relations in the economy are not a one-dimensional issue. Moreover, each country is slightly different and requires an individual prescription. In some regions, actions to improve the economic situation can be observed. To change the status quo. They may not work in other locations but may provide knowledge and inspiration. Business organisations everywhere, especially chambers of commerce, are essential in recovery processes. Unfortunately, we must set a thesis that worldwide discussion on their possible reconstruction (upgrade?) is limited. Instead, descriptions of problems and historical studies predominate.

So let’s look towards the future. Let’s analyse today’s situation in several countries and possible directions for change from the social sciences perspectives. Let’s recall and discuss the mission of the chambers of commerce. Their DNA. And ways in which they should be reorganised and effectively incorporated into the policy-making processes. The floor is yours. We hope to meet you and work with you in the future.

Best regards,

Tomasz Dorożyński & Piotr Marciniak

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