Why talk about chambers of commerce when everything has already been described? Why seek new models and ideas? What new can be found in institutions that have been with us since the 19th century and, in a sense, even longer? Why waste time analysing possible changes?

Whenever we ask about chambers, we are faced with the above doubts. Any many more.

Reality seems sometimes set in concrete. But the world is changing faster and faster. Therefore, we need new, practical solutions to better support business and the economy in the dynamic and turbulent 21st century.

Our team members have been researching chambers of commerce worldwide for several years, analysing their organisational framework, activities, and problems. In the ecosystem of chambers and other business environment organisations, we have found extraordinary diversity and many fundamental issues, sometimes even deep crises. Similar work is carried out by a tiny group of researchers in various parts of the world. Thus, despite entrepreneurship’s significant socio-economic role, there is a surprisingly small number of research and scientific publications. And many political and business discussions ignore key issues.

Therefore, in 2022, in Poland, we decided to establish an interdisciplinary team that analyses various aspects of chambers of commerce (and other business environment organisations) in law, economics, sociology, political science, etc. We examine existing organisations and their problems and challenges, as well as their social perception, political effectiveness, etc. At the same time, we are looking for new, more effective solutions that can help evolve or rebuild the chambers so that they can perform their tasks more effectively. From the turn of 2023/2024, we are expanding our network of contacts with foreign researchers. And every year since November 2022, we organize international conferences gathering an increasing number of researchers.

The Chambers.pl portal is our next tool for promoting knowledge about chambers of commerce, our publications and events we organise or participate in. Our invitation is also addressed to researchers around the world. We have a lot to do, not only at the scientific level. The group of chambers’ stakeholders is extensive. Therefore, changes in the perception of these essential institutions require a multi-vector and diverse dialogue.

Whether you are a scientist, chamber activist, entrepreneur, politician, student or citizen, we hope you find helpful information in our publications and events that may provoke further questions and actions.

Let’s stay in contact. Let’s discuss and meet during our events.

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