The Eurochambres 2024 congress took place on June 12-14 in Antwerp, Belgium. We had a very essencial agenda full of extremely interesting panels, mixed with backstage discussions and unformal events.

From a researcher’s point of view there were three main observations:

  • a confirmation that in most of the countries there are no links between researchers and chambers, what confirms the big research gap,
  • chambers and their federations are generally open for a cooperation, they have a lot of unprocessed data and would like to have an access to scientific studies that can be extremely useful, eg. in contacts with policy makers,
  • the Swedish chamber presented the assumptions of the Scandinavian Policy Institute, established last year, which aims to analyze problems and areas of public policy and support dialogue with business representatives and political stakeholders.

We share a general experience that there is a huge space for research and a cooperation between chambers and academics. I am sure all the contacts and discussions here will establish long term relations and a basis for further projects. And we will meets with some of the chambers in Warsaw in November at our Chambers of Commerce – 3rd International Conference.

More photos || Post-event video

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